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DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH
  • DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH
  • DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH

DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification CE
Model Number DA-OC-5G
Product Details
Outdoor Telecom Cabinet
Wireless Communication
Cooling Method:
12V 150AH 4pcs
19 Inch Devices Can Be Installed Inside
High Light: 

Wireless Communication Outdoor Telecom Enclosure


150AH Outdoor Power Cabinet


IP55 Outdoor Server Cabinet

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Product Description

DA-OC-5G Outdoor Cabinet

Dawnergy’s DA-OC-5G series are modular designed outdoor cabinets for wireless communication equipment. They are featured by flexible configuration, quick assembling and easy expansion.




  • The installation is based on 19 "standard structure design, with 26U installation space, with good installation versatility
  • Sliding rail type installation, easy to maintain
  • Protection class IP55, protect the internal equipment from the external bad environment interference
  • Sandwich structure; The inner and outer layers are metal plates, and the middle layer is 10mm insulation layer, which can effectively prevent the temperature rise caused by solar radiation
  • The cabinet adopts the structure of main body welding and partial assembly to ensure the protection
  • The door lock adopts the special waterproof lock for the outdoor cabinet, and the three-point locking structure provides reliable safety protection for the cabinet
  • The cabinet door adopts windproof structure
  • The cabinet adopts industrial-grade ventilation equipment, with stable and reliable heat dissipation performance, long life, reasonable air duct design and good ventilation and heat dissipation effect
  • The fan is installed on the top of the cabinet in the middle position, which can effectively reduce the temperature emitted by the main equipment, and improve the safety of the equipment
  • The grounding system is safe and reliable
  • The installation screw of the cabinet is placed inside the cabinet, which is reliable against theft
  • The cable in and out from the bottom of the cabinet adopts waterproof joint to effectively realize waterproof and dustproof
  • The cabinet is installed on the ground



  • FTTH
  • 4G/5G
  •  Wireless Communication


Cabinet Specifications

Item Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 650 x 650 x1500 (including base)
Voltage Input AC 230V±10%
Color Grey
IP Rating IP55
IP Code Standard IEC60529
Mounting Option Floor-mount
Material Galvanized steel (single layer)
Cooling Option DC48V Fan with thermostat (When the temperature in the cabinet exceeds 40℃, the fan will operate automatically)
Thermostat KSD301
Door Switch Deek Robot PS056-01N-200
Rack Mount Hole Type M6 square holes
Lighting 48V 3W LED lamps
Lightning protection Maximum flow capacity: 40kA, protection level: 1500V, response time: < 25nS
Environmental Requirements
Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Internal Relative Humidity of Cabinet ≤85%(+30℃)
Storage Humidity 0~100%
Atmospheric Pressure 70~106KPa




Outdoor Cabinet Standard Package

No. Name Unit Quantity
1 Key piece 2
2 Square Nut set 10
3 Screw set 10
4 M12 Expansion Bolt set 4
5 Sealing Putty Kg 1


Embedded Power System

embedded power system is composed of a motor frame, a monitoring module and a rectifier module; The power system has DC power distribution function, power monitoring to provide support for external signal input, communication transfer function and AC-DC detection, contactor control and other functions, the whole machine performance is stable, practicability is strong, can be background software operating system.DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH 0



Rectifier Module Monitoring Module Power Distribution Note
GPR4830B1 GPM48R

AC power distribution:

Single phase three wire input, total power bipolar AC circuit breaker (50A)


DC power distribution:

Battery switch: 100A/1P *1

A power down: 63A/1P *3

Secondary power down: 16A/1P*2


Rectifier module (minimum 2, maximum 5)


Dimension (mm)

DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH 1


GPR4830B1 Rectifier Module Specifications

Item Unit Min. Typical Max.
AC input voltage Vac 90 220 290
AC input voltage frequency Hz 45 50 65
Input power factor   0.99    
Output voltage range Vdc 42 54 58
Output current A 0 30  
Accuracy of output voltage stabilization       ±1%
Peak-peak Vp-p mV     200
Output power W 0 1600  
W 0 800  
Output efficiency % 91    
% 83    
Input overvoltage protection Vac 288 305  
Input overvoltage protection recovery point Vac 285    
Input undervoltage protection Vac     80
Input undervoltage protection recovery point Vac     90
Output overvoltage protection point V 58.5 59 61.5
Output current limiting protection A 32 33 34


Monitoring Module Function

Function Instructions
The upper computer remote monitoring function to the monitoring unit The upper computer can inquire, set and control the system monitoring remotely at any time to realize the function of "three remote"
Monitoring module to rectifier module management The monitoring module sends control adjustment command or parameter acquisition command to the module through RS485 communication
Battery management Management of "battery low voltage, battery under power, battery floating charge management, temperature compensation"
Monitor the system output management function Inspection and control systems
LED indicator function Signal indicate
LCD display Menu to set, modify




DA-OC-5G IP55 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Wireless Communication 150AH 2


  • Capacity range: 33~250ah
  • Voltage range:6v/12v
  • Low self-discharge rate: 25℃,less than 2% per month
  • Long design life: 25℃, 6v 15years; 12v, 10years
  • High sealing reaction rate: more than 98%
  • Scope of Applicable Environment: -15℃~50℃
  • Operating temperature range:-20℃~50℃
  • Recommended Operating Temperature:25℃


Normal Voltage (v)

Rated Capacity (Ah)


Approx. Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
12 200 54 522 (L) x 240 (W) x 230 (H)

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