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Delivered 5G data center cabinets to Shanghai Tower project in July, 2019

July 21, 2019

In July 2019, more than 100 intelligent network cabinets supplied by LETEL were installed in the IDC data center of Shanghai Telecom in the Shanghai Tower. This project had adopted the network cabinet technology with advanced intelligent management functions, including intelligent access code electronic locks, U-bit asset capacity management system, intelligent touch screen, and blue-light lighting decorative lights with technological sense, etc. 

The installation and commissioning were completed within one month. Our company actively cooperates with customers, comply with the construction time requirements of the Shanghai Tower so as not to affect the normal working hours of other units in the building. We fully utilizes the time in the late night to carry out on-site construction and commissioning, which has been praised by customers.

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Shanghai Telecom "E Cloud" and Shanghai Tower Building jointly set a record: the first height of cloud monitoring. This 632-meter China's tallest building is covered with nearly 2,000 key cameras. "E Cloud" assists those surveillance videos to upload to cloud storage. It also lays down a  special "Cloud high-speed way" which is composed of 2 telecommunications dedicated lines for transmission of data.

"E Cloud" has solved two key problems: Storage and transmission of the security surveillance video in the building, which has become a pioneering work in the communication segment.